Back of the Napkin
Beginning Visual Thinking
Red Belt
This level brings you lessons from “The Back of the Napkin” and
starts you down the path to becoming a better visual thinker.
  • Become a friend with your
    visual mind
  • Recognize the visual elements
    of problems and ideas
  • Understand how vision works
  • Draw the six elemental pictures
    that explain anything
Become a
Cadet Today
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Look – See – Imagine – Show
Key Concept
The process of visual thinking takes just 4 simple steps: Look - See - Imagine - Show.

Quick Start Lessons:
These 15-minute lessons will get you started fast.
Why be Visual?
Why be Visual?
How to Draw!
How to Draw!
What to Draw?
What to Draw?
Draw to Solve!
Draw to Solve!
Draw to Sell!
Draw to Sell!
Here is the complete beginner program, available to watch anytime: